Hello World

Hey everybody!

So I thought I'd start a little news page here, to keep you all apprised of some musical going-ons and other random thoughts. There are some really cool things coming up the next few weeks that I figured to be worth a share! So many great musicians and friends:

Oct 14 I'll be playing in Boston with hometown killer Lee Fish's group alongside a hero of mine, George Garzone. Really looking forward to playing with him once again, and being inspired by his sound, presence, ideas... everything!

Oct 21 I'll be hosting a little CD Pre-release show with some friends (Nir Felder, Noah Preminger, Aidan Carroll and Colin Stranahan) over at Smalls. This is mostly to celebrate the pre-release of my new record to my PledgeMusic supporters who get the album a good many months before its proper release in Feb 2016. There's still about a week to pre-order actually, if you'd like it early...

Oct 22 I'll be recording Andrew Van Tassel's original music with Ben Eunson, Edward Perez, Colin Stranahan, and Mike Thomas over at Big Orange Sheep. Really looking forward to tracking this beautiful music.

Oct 23 I'll be at Cornelia St playing with one of my composition heroes in Petros Klampanis. He writes the best stuff, check out his beautiful videos. That's with Gilad Hekselman, Keita Ogawa and others.

Oct 30/1 I'll be recording Francisco Pais' new project with Myron Walden, Godwin Louis, Ferenc Nemeth and Conor Schultze. Francisco's a great writer and guitarist who lives in my home state of RI. Looking forward to this one as well!

Nov 5 I'll be at the Jazz Gallery celebrating Caroline Davis' new record. She's a brilliant musician and thoughtful improviser on the alto sax. That's with Jay Sawyer and Tamir Shmerling.

Okay that's enough for now... Thanks for visiting the site! Here's a photo of my cat, she helped me write this: